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Never find yourself bored on the metro again

STM Augmented Reality 

Back to school season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. With so much to prep before classes begin, it’s no wonder the smallest inconvenience can destroy a day of plans. In an effort to help students avoid yet another hassle, Le Societe Transport de Montreal (STM) has launched their Opus On Tour campaign. The tour offers students a chance to register for the STM opus card at their home campus, rather than wait in the egregious lines that have formed in past years.  



4D Transportation

To get people talking about the tour, STM commissioned Merchlar to create a mobile app for students which would give them the full list of stop dates as well as original content for a more immersive experience. Available on the Google Play store, the Opus on Tour app offers both practical features, like the full list of stop dates, with more personal photobooth and AR video content to grow the STM brand. As an added bonus, students who register before October 31st will automatically be entered to win free transport through STM for the next three years!



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