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Conventions that Shine!

Mohegan Sun has long been recognized as one of the premier gambling locals in the United States. When they commissioned us to create a user-centered campaign, their primary interest was to create buzz at this year’s trade shows, in order to get people talking about their wide array of different entertainment and business services. With this in mind, Merchlar created an interactive, AR mobile app that overlays animated content on a map of the Mohegan Sun site. By tapping on different locations on the map, viewers have access to unique video content and information panels, effectively educating them on the variety of Mohegan Sun amenities as well as physical layout of the complex.



Getting there

Of course before one can experience Mohegan Sun’s diverse range of activities, they need to be able to find the place. To that end, we created a transit map of the American East coast which, using the same Merchlar-created app, will give users an interactive route to Mohegan Sun. Whether by train, plane, or car, our map will calculate the distance and times from any major East coast city to the Mohegan Sun site, showcasing just how accessible the establishment really is.

   mohegan sun convention app screenshots