Mask Attack | Merchlar


The excitement of surround gaming right on your tablet. 

Immersive gaming experience

As gaming evolves, so too does our demand for more fluid interaction. We no longer live in a time where gaming experience can be limited to the dimensions of our screen. Leveraging gyroscope technology, we engineered a virtual gaming environment which surrounds the in-game user, rather than merely rendering the space directly in front of them. This environment offers gamers a 360 degree sphere of control. By physically turning with their iPad device, the on-screen view will follow the gamer’s rotation, allowing a panoramic scene. In doing so, the in-game environment collapses the standard user frame.



The Story

Mask attack draws on themes of spirituality and animism, highlighting our long-standing cultural preoccupation with masks. Taking place under a mysterious canvas, your mission is to protect yourself and your loved ones from the masks’ attack. To defeat them, tap on each mask as it moves from the central cauldron to the holes at the top of the tent. By moving your device around, you can locate and destroy any masks that may have passed you, whether from the front, sides, or back. Be prepared, some masks are more powerful than others! 

   mask attack screens