Expo Québec | Merchlar


An unforgettable experience

Immersive 3d Adventure

Merchlar, Expo Quebec and Videotron partnered up to create Canada's first ever large-screen Augmented Reality experience. Participants found themselves immersed in a 3D adventure with wild animals and moments of fame on the AR hockey stage. Over 15,000 families joined us on a reality trip with over 6000 happy snapshots shared on Flickr. Given the growing popularity of Augmented Reality, asking Merchlar to create an interactive experience for event goers was an excellent way to connect with the excited crowds.



Merchlar is your festival guide

Expo Quebec wanted the official 2013/14 mobile application to go beyond what a traditional event app could offer. As one of the biggest activations at the festival, Merchlar’s signature app brought together form with function by providing not only unique content features, but also creating a road-map of the event. Launching the app brings up a site map along with a schedule of events, as well as contact information for the numerous sponsors of the festival. The app also includes several interactive features such as a photo booth option and scannable content from the Expo T-shirts.



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