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Augmented reality + Virtual reality + Facebook 360


Creating The Difference: Merchlar is a full service digital agency that specializes in Virtual Reality, 360 video and Augmented Reality.

Merchlar was born from the emerging need of today's businesses to differentiate themselves. In the innovative landscape we quickly realized that brands at large wanted three things: (1) A “wow" experience that allowed them to stand out in an increasingly competitive field. (2) Projects with high returns on investment. (3) Metrics to support these claims. 

With that, here are three technologies that excite us at Merchlar. 

Facebook360 Video - The New Distribution Platform?

Facebook finally integrates 360° content in the News Feed. This is a game changer. Short 360° films and animations will be introduced to Facebook audience, i.e.: over a billion users. The 360° videos, which have started on Android and the web, allow you to change the viewpoint by tapping the screen or moving your phone in space. This allows you to feel like you are really “inside” the video. Seeing the content in 360° is phenomenal since you can view the action from different angles and locations - the user is no longer passive.

HoloLens - Microsoft’s Latest Innovation

HoloLens is a thrilling technology. In contrast to other devices, it is the first all-purpose computer vision tool for both work and entertainment. HoloLens also has a built-in computer, allowing it to be completely wireless with 1080p  (“Full HD”). This will make a big difference when displaying 3D content overlaid on the real world. It also comes with a 4K display. This is going to be great for watching videos with its WiDi technology. And RealSense gesture control for hands-free control mechanics. 

Augmented Reality ( AR ) 2.0 - Improvements In Technology

People have been speculating for a long time about the future of Augmented Reality. 2016 will be the year when Magic Leaps and Apple release their Augmented Reality platforms. This could be a big step forward since both have access to critical masses. In the mean time, AR. is having the most success when used as a tool to solve a problem: from revitalizing the world of museums to reinventing the car owner's manual or helping people understand how modern medicine can help you live longer. AR is still in its infancy with big dreams ahead. 

In conclusion, technologies such as Facebook360, Youtube360, HoloLens, and Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality 2.0 are just the beginning. These new mediums are now poised to become mainstream platforms that completely reinvents how we work, play, share and collaborate. 

The future is coming sooner than we think. 

Awane Jones ([email protected]
CEO Merchlar 

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