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Augmented Reality: A Brand Imaginarium



It’s nothing new comparing marketing to an alluring dance. You look into your target’s mind and charm them through tactful seduction. You strive to understand each other, communicate through gestures, eye contact, maybe whispers. 

Brand managers put together communication guidelines to standardize the firm's image. Right, this is a great way to manage traditional and often tangible brand attributes. The brand itself, yet, is intangible; it is what people think and feel of a firm (or a product, or a celebrity, or a country). It exists in the minds of the consumers.

Our minds like to wander, because imagination nourishes the soul. A brand with great vision invites its audience to dream with them and envision the future. Great brands are magical. They remove you from this world, even for a brief second. They take you to imaginary land, and make you see the world through a different lens. 

Harry Potter is an example of such brand. You feel a little upset knowing you’re just an ordinary muggle. You wish witches and wizards were real, you want to visit Hogwarts, you whisper lumos in the dark. 

McDonald’s. You don’t go there for a healthy meal. You go there to seek comfort and you are confident that McDonald’s brings you happiness... maybe it is happiness.

When brand management and augmented reality (AR) cross paths, they fall in love and magic happens.

In an era where time is the most valuable commodity, getting people to engage with your brand is the ultimate sign of success.

Special thanks to Soydanbay for the inspiration. 

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